About Me

As your personal trainer,


I will take a holistic approach to your fitness goals, and both your training and dietary needs will be suited to you and your lifestyle. Not only will I be providing dedicated support during training sessions, but I will also advise you on how to lead a healthier lifestyle outside of the gym, down to even the smallest of lifestyle changes which can make a big difference. This, coupled with your own tailored training and diet plans, will help you reach your highest potential and to become the best version of yourself.

I’m a keen sportsman

I’ve played sports to a high level my whole life, with a particular emphasis on football and rugby. Growing up in Shanghai, I played with AKSIL – the Shanghai Lions Football Club – who won numerous national tournaments and regularly finished top of the league. I continued to play both football and rugby at 1st team level throughout school and university in the UK. I completed England’s steepest half marathon in 2016 and plan to undertake the London marathon in the coming years.

I have experience in managing injuries

A severe knee injury from rugby led me to step inside the gym and prioritise taking care of my body during exercise. To this day I take certain steps and precautions in order to work around that specific injury, and I can do the same with yours.

I love what I do

I’m truly passionate about fitness and believe this to be the perfect industry for me. However, beyond my own love of exercise, the best part of my job is seeing my clients reach their goals.